Latest Stuff

  • Puppet Homestar has been mass-produced! Mass-hysteria!

    2024 01 min 53 sec

  • Strong Bad and The Cheat come across Homestar doing something truly terrifying in the snow. Befuddlement ensues!

    2024 03 min 08 sec

  • The Fan 'Stumes get The Show treatment! They are not immune!

    2023 04 min 38 sec

  • Homestar makes an inane game show out of his costume misinterpretations!

    2023 06 min 37 sec

  • For Trogdor's 20th birthday, Strong Bad somehow digs up a 30 year old promo for an unreleased Peasant's Quest game.

    2023 01 min 38 sec

  • A musical Decemberweenvent Calendar! Updated daily with sheet music for a different ditty thru Dec 24, 2022. No chocolates for you, Sunny Jim!


  • Cram yourself into the Way Too Obscure Corner with this year's fan costumes!


  • This year's new Halloween cartoon is an old Halloween cartoon with new DLC!

    2022 11 min 57 sec

  • Strong Bad discovers the frustrating real-life text adventure that inspired Thy Dungeonman... and then plays through the entire thing!

    2022 30 min 28 sec

  • A commercial for the Majicks & 'Mergencies Expando Deck for Trogdor!! The Board Game. Onion Bubs enters a new phase!

    2022 01 min 25 sec

  • Dear SB, How do you win handheld videogames with boxing gloves on? Well, Krondie, watch me tear it up in this Strong-Play of Marzipan Beef Reverser on my Videlectrix handheld!

    2022 11 min 13 sec

  • Coach Z somehow has the authority to make everyone pretend to have a baby in a weird contest! Meanwhile, the KOT opens a steak house!

    2022 07 min 53 sec

  • Left to his own devices, Homestar Runner will defy expectations and create something truly absorbent.

    2022 56 sec

  • See if Strong Bad's grand experiment from last year worked!

    2021 09 min 30 sec

  • Anchorperson Strong Bad interrupts your regularly scheduled program for an emergency update about Ween decor!

    2021 01 min 52 sec

  • SB takes on the Epyx classic World Games and learns that the whole 'agony of defeat' thing is actually super entertaining!

    2021 16 min 25 sec

  • Thanks to DOS-savvy commenters, Strong Bad gets FriendlyWare's game Sea Battle working! But will it be enough? Or will he have to add more of his personal style?!

    2021 06 min 17 sec

  • Strong Bad plays old PC games so you never will! In this episode, it's the classic DOS collection FriendlyWare P.C. Introductory Set!

    2021 14 min

  • The incredible intro cinematic for the Level 10 release of Stinkoman 20X6 by SmallBu Studio! In HD! Theme song by Paul & Storm!

    2021 47 sec

  • Strong Bad wants a little friend to play with and his wish is granted by an overly enthusiastic voicey guy!

    2020 01 min 21 sec

  • Great fan costumes deserve great fan costume commentary. And so do the terrible ones.

    2020 06 min 09 sec

  • The gang assembles on that ol' spooky silhouette hill to debate which level of Halloween hijinks are most appropriate.

    2020 5 min

  • sloshy accompanies their anti-nostalgia anthem with the most nostalgic 90's indie video.

    2020 02 min 42 sec

  • After 15 years, Kick the Cheat has finally lost his squeak! Learn how to safely perform at-home surgery to replace the batteries in his larynx!

    2020 3 min 02 sec

  • Even now, in the year of our King of Town 2019, awesome fans still send Strong Bad their Homestar Runner-themed costumes in the hopes of getting made fun of. Messed up, right?

    2019 5 min 38 sec

  • Strong Bad reads the gang a chilling new children's book for Halloween! All types of drat!

    2019 6 min 06 sec

  • A Halloween tradition! Strong Bad provides scathing commentary on H*R themed 'stumes.

    2018 4 min 01 sec

  • Homestar Runner tries to tell a top-notch 4.5 stars with over 600 reviews quality ghost story. The other characters appear as well!

    2018 5 min 30 sec

  • So there was this wakka-chikka version of the Trogdor metal song in the background of the Kickstarter video for Trogdor!! The Board Game. The Cheat found the full original song and made this video. The Dancing Brothers return! Feat. Trogdor the Burninator on a waggling denim butt!

    2018 02 min 17 sec

  • Strong Bad implements scalloped droops as he draws an extremely seaworthy vessel. Chippies!

    2018 02 min 52 sec

  • Sbemail 208 hides itself inside an April Fools' Day picnic wherein everyone says "blah." I wonder if that new character will ever show up again.

    2018 6 min 52 sec

  • It's starting to seep through! Learn the secrets of the mini-mountain range with Strong Bad!

    2018 01 min 51 sec

  • Learn to draw an 80's PC magazine ad with everyone's favorite 90's cartoon man, Strong Bad!

    2018 02 min 09 sec

  • Learn the power of the Zshoop 3D as Strong Bad draws a 4x sharp squealy guitar.

    2018 02 min 18 sec

  • Dangeresque teams up with Firebert from the Cheat Commandos to find out who has stolen all the Hot Jones.

    2017 07 min 22 sec

  • Dangeresque teams up with Firebert from the Cheat Commandos to find out who has stolen all the Hot Jones.

    2017 7 min 22 sec

  • A special Skills of an Artist earned as a stretch goal of World Builders' annual fundraiser! Strong Bad draws a Draccus from Patrick Rothfuss's Kingkiller Chronicles!

    2017 02 min 15 sec

  • SB hits the looseleaf with no plan this week and ends up drawing a kids' motivational poster featuring a piece of bread with a protruding clown face.

    2017 01 min 50 sec

  • Strong Bad's Annual H*R Themed Halloween Costume Bashing Bash

    2017 5 min 34 sec

  • Strong Bad makes drawing an autumnal centerpiece easy and destructive. Featuring receding ploomps.

    2017 02 min 09 sec

  • When the character Marzipan rents a haunted photo booth for her Halloween party for characters... other characters get involved!

    2017 4 min 31 sec

  • The cursed legume strikes again! Armed with his untucked thrift store shirts no less!

    2017 02 min 08 sec

  • Witness as Strong Bad transforms mom's favorite into posh home decor!

    2017 02 min 12 sec

  • A lo-fi archive of Strong Bad's live drawing of a cross-sectioned The Cheat!

    2017 04 min 23 sec

  • Strong Bad draws the control panel for a classic arcade cabinet.

    2017 01 min 47 sec

  • Learn to apply 'nature's wave' in all its glory as Strong Bad draws an eagle's sketchy older brother.

    2017 01 min 23 sec

  • Let it all slip away and find your lost gumption with Characters from Yonder Website.

    2017 3 min 04 sec

  • Learn to draw Character 1 and Character 2 using the most laid back methods ever devised (far-out).

    2017 02 min 05 sec

  • Strong Bad busts out the graph paper to design the best end boss ever!

    2017 02 min 14 sec

  • Strong Bad draws a really muscly muscleman.

    2017 01 min 38 sec

  • Squanch it out! Draw the fanciest toilet papes money can buy.

    2017 01 min 36 sec

  • Tell your friends, it's not gonna be ooh lips! The new classic? You better believe it! It's picture day for Cannonmouth!

    2017 01 min 38 sec

  • The master of the foreshortened pizzang draws a ham sammy. Mmmm...seasoned fortulami.

    2017 01 min 54 sec

  • Strong Bad teaches you how to disguise gory illustrations so mom doesn't get mad at you!

    2017 01 min 57 sec

  • The second Homestar Runner story written (but never produced) is finally animated for the 20th anniversary of the orginal storybook.

    2016 7 min 02 sec

  • Strong Bad makes fun of fan Halloween costumes despite the great effort and support they have shown over the years.

    2016 5 min 04 sec

  • The gang gathers in the spooky woods to comment on each other's costumes after a hilarious Halloween adventure that definitely happened.

    2016 5 min 06 sec

  • The newest craze! The slightest impression will slightly impress! Text your friends! Create your own!

    2016 54 sec

  • When Marzipan takes a multi-year break from checking her messages, everybody everybody decides to give her a call.

    2016 31 hrs 09 min

  • Strong Bad tries to leave the ultimate prank call only to find that Marzipan's answering machine is full of 7 years worth of message!

    2016 31 min 09 sec

  • Strong Bad does his usual make-funnery to people who dressed up in H*R themed Halloween 'stumes.

    2015 3 min 10 sec

  • Strong Bad dreams up all the rooms of his theoretical haunted house.

    2015 5 min 43 sec

  • Strong Bad improves the tale of the Porrdge Maiden.

    2015 3 min

  • Strong Bad and Homestar face their own mortality when they hear news of Flash's demise. Answers the hills/bushes dilemma.

    2015 2 min

  • Strong Sad camps out for sloshy's most obscure release to date.

    2015 3 min 20 sec

  • Strong Bad dusts off his old computer to checka some email.

    2015 5 min 12 sec

  • Homestar moudous Pom Pom. Strong Bad gets some autumnal pastries.

    2014 7 min 48 sec

  • Some real talk about Halloween safety. In conjunction with halloweensafety.gov

    2014 1 min 40 sec

  • Strong Bad makes a new #1 jam with the help of Coach Z...and a fish-eye lens.

    2014 03 min 19 sec

  • Homestar finally updates everyone's favorite part of his dot com.

    2014 4 min 47 sec

  • The crew stands around and comment on each other's Decemberween themed costumes.

    2010 15 sec

  • Marzipan and Homestar try to conjure up enough Decemberween spirit to save Senor Cardgage.

    2010 6 min 05 sec

  • Intro to the short-lived 90's reboot of homestarrunner.com.

    2010 54 sec

  • Homestar rates fan-carved punkins in this episode of The Show.

    2009 1 min 46 sec

  • Another heaping helping of Strong Bad making fun of H*R themed Halloween costumes.

    2009 4 min 48 sec

  • Strong Sad gets poetical as he crafts hypothetical dooms for all the olther characters.

    2009 5 min 57 sec

  • Brainkrieg video about their post-Halloween shenanigans, chicanery, and tom-foolery.

    2009 1 min 35 sec

  • Davey's eating habits belie his talents.

    2009 02 min 09 sec

  • Animated Puppet Homestar fights A.P. Strong Bad for possesion of a pile.

    2009 3 min

  • Homestar, Strong Bad, and Coach Z take a break from their part-time jobs as costumed mascots.

    2009 2 min 24 sec

  • It's here! The newest line of products from the Compy Corporation help Strong Bad choose a new computer.

    2009 3 min 48 sec

  • A modernized telling of the classic web-click-thru tale of the same name.

    2009 3 min 48 sec

  • A musical tribute to all the loading screens from homestarrunner.com

    2009 2 min 05 sec

  • Rogue mercenaries, The Topplegangers, break into the Headquarters Playset to free Blue Laser Commander.

    2009 5 min 10 sec

  • There is division within the Cheat Commandos as they attempt to arrest Blue Laser.

    2009 4 min 10 sec

  • The Wet Knee Gumption Club is interrupted by Strong Bad's new self-imposed nickname announcement.

    2009 1 min 24 sec

  • The Teen Girl Squad go to the Priggidy Prizom.

    2009 4 min 14 sec

  • Homestar sings the praises of melonade and all its many flavors because he is contractually obligated to do so! Oh and also the jokey origin of sbemails. I guess.

    2009 03 min 51 sec

  • Crack Stuntman raises awareness about an environmental cause close to his heart and community service requirement.

    2009 2 min 02 sec

  • A musical journey exploring a day in the life of a The Cheat.

    2009 2 min 40 sec

  • Homestar and Bubs have rival donut shops as they go head to head in this battle for fried dough supremacy.

    2009 3 min 56 sec

  • The intro to homestarrunner.com gets Sbemailiarized!

    2009 1 min 26 sec

  • Homestar and Strong Bad pick teams for the big kickball game.

    2009 5 min 24 sec

  • Space Captainface shows Marzipan's class an educational SBASAF video about the life of a spacecaptianface.

    2009 4 min 25 sec

  • Strong Sad abuses his privileges as housesitter for Marzipan while she's on vacation.

    2009 04 min 42 sec

  • The Gregs attempt to infiltrate a varsity football game.

    2009 03 min 20 sec

  • The titular characters try to expand their comfort zone by attending a high school football game.

    2009 3 min 20 sec

  • Strong Bad and The Cheat try to remember how they tricked Homestar onto a drifting ice floe in the Arctic

    2009 2 min 43 sec

  • Homestar gives Josh some advice about preserving old shoes. Homestar reveals that he rocks Freshley's Trackfaster Pro Squadrons!

    2009 03 hrs 09 min

  • Homestar tries to convince someone called Chuck from Rochester that a dresser in his room is actually some kind of Homestar-related foundation instead of juuuuuust... this dwou.

    2009 03 hrs 06 min

  • Homestar tries to pull off a daring stunt as Strong Bad tries to thwart him in this holiday special.

    2008 5 min 27 sec

  • A collection of Decemberween songs.

    2008 6 min 58 sec

  • Improve at the sports with Coach Z's patented video series.

    2008 1 min 42 sec

  • Stinkoman learns about being thankful.

    2008 2 min 14 sec

  • Another description for Strong Bad making fun of fan costumes.

    2008 3 min 57 sec

  • Dangeresque and Dangeresque Too go after the criminal mastermind who one time stle Big D's curly fries!

    2008 2 min 10 sec

  • Homestar, Strong Bad and company explore the graveyard that has apparantly always been behind the King of Town's castle.

    2008 6 min 25 sec

  • Check out the latest Homestar Runner Halloween costumes and products!

    2008 2 min 11 sec

  • The Deleteheads bet on what's gonna happen when Strong Bad checks his 200th email.

    2008 1 min 30 sec

  • Rap and heavy metal mix as if it were 1993 in this video The Cheat made for Taranchula & Peacey P.

    2008 01 min 47 sec

  • Crack Stuntman is giving the Cheat Commandos some trouble while recording his lines.

    2008 4 min 10 sec

  • Summer's not summer without a cool, refreshing visit from the baloney truck.

    2008 2 min 48 sec

  • Strong Sad shares slides from his trip to the beach.

    2008 2 min 11 sec

  • With everyone else booked up, Homestar is forced to hang out with Strong Mad.

    2008 2 min 46 sec

  • Last day of school equals yearbooks, exams, and heh heh heh senior pranks

    2008 3 min 40 sec

  • He does.

    2008 3 min

  • Strong brothers Bad and Sad discover a very old Easter egg.

    2008 40 sec

  • A behind-the-scenes look at Limozeen practicing for an upcoming show. Fun facts and tantalizing tidbits abound!

    2008 1 min 53 sec

  • The latest offerings from Blubbo's Fast Food Establishment

    2008 1 min 53 sec

  • In 2008, Senor Cardgage and Homsar faced off in a t-shirt selling contest of which neither were probably aware. The loser had to form a coherent thought thought for all to see on Homestar's The Show. Here are the results.

    2008 01 hrs 10 min

  • The Homestar Runner helps Sickly Sam prepare for his big outing.

    2008 4 min 47 sec

  • The KOT's secret is OUT and he's ticked off! The Cheat tries his hand at prank callery.

    2008 03 min 30 sec

  • Watch Strong Sad as he watches sloshy perform during halftime of the American Football Championship Game.

    2008 1 min 33 sec

  • For the 5th anniversary, Strong Bad sings a song about a famous dragon he once drew... and it's NOT Trogdor the Burninator!

    2008 2 min 15 sec

  • The Dethemberween Thnikkaman brings festive cheer in this delightful musical number.

    2007 2 min 51 sec

  • Strong Bad can't find anything good to watch TV on Thanksgiving.

    2007 2 min 30 sec

  • The Cheat makes a video for Coach Z's Rap Song accidentally featuring Peacey P.

    2007 02 min 40 sec

  • Fantastic and pretty good fan costumes get mocked by Strong Bad.

    2007 4 min 08 sec

  • The Jibblies painting casts its creep-spell on everyone. Come in in here!

    2007 6 min 44 sec

  • Marshie displays none of the puppety charms of Homestar or Strong Bad and Little Girl's not fallin for it!

    2007 2 min 22 sec

  • Split 7-inch featuring Limozeen covering sloshy's "We Don't Really Even Care...About You" while sloshy tones down "Because, It's Midnite"

    2007 6 min 10 sec

  • Marzipan gets along quite well with a cardboard cutout of Homestar. But where's the real Homestar?

    2007 1 min 48 sec

  • A glimpse into the monthly meeting of the Broternal Order of Different Helmets. Ever and more!

    2007 2 min 50 sec

  • Baby sitting shenanigans

    2007 3 min 25 sec

  • You know those songs made up of repeated soundbits from everydady life? No? Well, this is one of those.

    2007 1 min 31 sec

  • All the dots are connected after months of build up in this explanation of the mysterious DNA evidence!

    2007 5 min 35 sec

  • A deleted scene from a very average Strong Bad Email gets the full-blown DVD bonus features treatment. What the Pfargtl?

    2007 3 min 24 sec

  • Homestar and Strong Bad have to team up to ruin Marzipan and The Cheat's date.

    2007 4 min 17 sec

  • Crack Stuntman teaches kids about knife safety and how to have fun on spring break.

    2007 2 min 01 sec

  • A crackly drive-thru intercom system gets Strong Bad all cheesed off.

    2007 2 min 19 sec

  • The King of April Fool's Day Pranks calls the Queen of April Fool's Day Pranks plus a robocall from Nadine Automatedmenuburger.

    2007 04 min 06 sec

  • Vamlumtime's Day is Serious Times

    2007 3 min 20 sec

  • A series of Decemberween themed short-toons. Strong Bad corresponds with socks.

    2006 6 min 05 sec

  • The Cheat Commandos are invited to Thanksgiving dinner with Blue Laser.

    2006 5 min

  • The 2006 edition of Strong Bad costume commentary.

    2006 4 min 06 sec

  • Halloween night is missing. Can anyone find it before it's gone?

    2006 5 min 14 sec

  • The 10 year anniversarial remake/re-boot/re-imagining of the original 1996 storybook.

    2006 4 min 25 sec

  • Galvanized nails are the order of the day as Homestar Runner builds a deck.

    2006 3 min 07 sec

  • A series of completely unrelated shorts that have nothing to do with summer. The Cheats eats a million french fires and a Limozeen lazer show are the highlights?

    2006 2 min 52 sec

  • Summer camp and summer jobs with TGS

    2006 3 min 32 sec

  • The gang talk about what they all did on their summer vacations.

    2006 4 min 37 sec

  • Strong Bad's feeling the pressure leading up to his Sesquicentenn-email, so Strong Sad tries to help out.

    2006 1 min 46 sec

  • Marzi gets calls from 1936 and The Cheat and the KOT cut demos!

    2006 04 min 24 sec

  • 500 handrawn The Cheats set to a lively jingle! Which one is your fav?

    2006 30 sec

  • Some awesome fan-art for Trogdor the Burninator's 3rd birthday.

    2006 1 min 49 sec

  • Homestar doesn't know anything and he needs classes! Good thing Other Little Girl is here to help!

    2005 1 min 25 sec

  • It's the 4Tst Annual Fall Float Parade in Strong Badia!

    2005 3 min 28 sec

  • Another batch of fantastic costumes commented on by Strong Bad.

    2005 3 min 05 sec

  • Homestar has to find all of Marzipan's potion ingredients.

    2005 14 hrs 33 min

  • Mariopaint animated video about Strong Bad

    2005 1 min 44 sec

  • Ugly One's Sweet Someteenth Birthday bash in full color!

    2005 3 min 34 sec

  • Strong Bad is sick and can't check his email! Homestar shows up and tries to do it for him.

    2005 1 min 43 sec

  • The Cheat Commandos teach teens and peers how to make proper behavior choices in this educational teaching aid video.

    2005 4 min 15 sec

  • Strong Bad and The Cheat get a booth at a Trogdor the Burninator-themed comic book convention.

    2005 3 min 31 sec

  • Strong Sad spins the folky folk yarn of Saddy Dumpington.

    2005 4 min 10 sec

  • Marzipan forms a band while Homestar tries to buy yellow paint. Dripping Yellow Madness moved away in the fifth grade, for thoise keeping score at home.

    2005 4 min

  • SB is having computer problems. Homestar is having his usual kind of problems.

    2005 2 min 10 sec

  • Homestar and the Johns of TMBG tire of improv-ing up fresh Puppet Jams in the studio. Marty Beller on the below-the-radar skins!

    2005 1 min 06 sec

  • Some of the gang watch some dazzlemazing fireworks.

    2005 1 min 46 sec

  • Rondleman, I mean Strong Bad, finds himself giving a presentation/spelling bee to the shareholders.

    2005 2 min

  • Strong Bad just wants to finish his 3rd quarter projection analysis spreadsheet but Homestar accidentally starts a meme instead.

    2005 1 min 50 sec

  • "The Other Three" are free from Cheerleader's tyranny.

    2005 2 min 05 sec

  • Dueling Senorial Day sales have Bubs' and Cardgage's commercials going head to head!

    2005 2 min 50 sec

  • The good times are over when Homestar Runner swallows a bug while engaging in his signature running.

    2005 5 min 10 sec

  • Goatface calls Marzipan in addition to all of her friends. She said she'd bake them a cake!

    2005 03 min 17 sec

  • Opening theme song about everyone's favorite one-legged dog, Li'l Brudder!

    2005 2 min

  • Homestarrunner.com is now a paid subscription site! See all the benefits!

    2005 1 min 12 sec

  • Strong Bad is not as entertaining with Little Girl as Homestar!

    2005 1 min 15 sec

  • The huge success of the Peasant's Quest computer game resulted in a low budget, big budget movie trailer! Trogdor the Burninator has never looked so mid budget CG!

    2005 2 min 55 sec

  • TGS tries to survive the Battle of the Bands

    2005 2 min 24 sec

  • Homestar has to do some last-minute Decemberween shopping.

    2004 4 min 20 sec

  • Rather Dashing finds a Trogdor snowglobe in Peasantry in this Decemberween interactive greeting!

    2004 1 min

  • Strong Bad takes The Cheat to all the local Halloween goings-on in an attempt to get rid of his hiccups.

    2004 6 min 05 sec

  • Puppet Homestar tries to discuss pumpkins and witch's brew with Little Girl. Guess what? She kicks him.

    2004 1 min 15 sec

  • An old-timey show about the Homestar Runner and his best mates trying to find a ghost.

    2004 3 min 44 sec

  • The Cheat Commandos must stop Blue Laser from saving money on their groceries for some reason.

    2004 4 min 56 sec

  • The Homestarmy mobilizes to prevent any labor from occurring on Labor's Day. Bennedetto lives!

    2004 2 min

  • The KOT calls with an urgent napkin alert while Bob Statesman campaigns for Elected Office.

    2004 03 min 16 sec

  • Teeny Tiny Girl Squad!

    2004 1 min 53 sec

  • Videlectrix hypes its latest good graphics in this teaser for the graphical textual adventure, Peasant's Quest featuring Trogdor the Burninator.

    2004 1 min 10 sec

  • Strong Sad and The Cheat team up to make an artsy video for Experimental Film by They Might Be Giants.

    2004 3 min

  • Secret Decemberween Gift Exchange!

    2004 1 min 22 sec

  • A selection of Decemberween shorts that weren't quite done in December.

    2004 4 min 56 sec

  • Having a probalo keeping up with your mortgage? Look no further! Senor Cardgage will help YOU get a leg up on the pile!

    2004 1 min 22 sec

  • Homestar and the Johns of TMBG improv up still more Puppet Jams in the studio. Marty Beller on the inviso-skins!

    2004 1 min 10 sec

  • Homestar and the Johns of TMBG improv up more Puppet Jams in the studio. Marty Beller on the unseen skins!

    2004 1 min 11 sec

  • Commercial for the cereal based on the cartoon based on the toys based on the...

    2004 2 min 13 sec

  • The Cheat assumes his natural form as a giant guitar while Strong Bad can't open a can of peas.

    2004 54 sec

  • Homestar and the Johns of TMBG improv up some Puppet Jams in the studio. Marty Beller on the offscreen skins!

    2004 1 min 14 sec

  • The Cheat gets some cool boots in a cartoon he makes himself starring himself. Also featuring Coach Z's video for 'Hip Hop Dance.'

    2004 02 min 46 sec

  • homestarrunner.com's domain registration has lapsed! Oh no! What a challenge! Who could help?

    2004 1 min 47 sec

  • When a botched heist goes wrong (is that redundant?), Strong Bad and The Cheat have to break out of jail in order to come out of retirement for one last job.

    2004 6 min

  • Commercial for Cheat Commandos action-fun toys and weekday action-fun cartoon. Buy all our playsets and toys!

    2004 2 min 02 sec

  • When Homestar can't find Strong Bad, he decides to borrow a few things.

    2004 1 min 11 sec

  • Strong Bad tries to give Homestar prank call lessons. It goes about like you'd expect.

    2004 02 min 39 sec

  • Spring Break for TGS!

    2004 1 min 57 sec

  • Marzipan upgrades to a new answering machine and Homestar misunderstands Pom Pom causing relationship probs.

    2003 05 min 39 sec

  • Strong Bad makes fun of the nice people who dress up as H*R characters for the first time.

    2003 3 min

  • Trick or treatings, eggings and TP-ings, and dead houseplant seances nicely fill these seven minutes.

    2003 7 min 20 sec

  • Festive Halloween theme Fluffy Puff Marchmallows and Marshie dressed as a vampire! Nothing creepy at all!

    2003 1 min 40 sec

  • Puppet Homestar's official debut! A music video for the full version of his easter egg song from the sbemail "labor day."

    2003 1 min 02 sec

  • Cheerleader makes her move on Quarterman.

    2003 1 min 38 sec

  • What could be worse than the old timey version of Marshie? Look lively and find out!

    2003 1 min 03 sec

  • Learn lots of old fashioned phraseology in this musical ode to that dapper swindler, The Sneak! Featuring DaVinci's Notebook.

    2003 2 min 03 sec

  • Coach Z gets mixed signals from Marzipan while she gets a call from the year 20X6.

    2003 02 min 38 sec

  • Summer fashions: The mall, a thrift store, and...possums.

    2003 1 min 37 sec

  • Strong Bad tricks Homestar into getting him some drinks as Homestar tries to reach cool guy status. Check it out, check it out, check it out!

    2003 3 min 50 sec

  • Strong Bad does the Cheat's taxes on the arcade cabinet for the Trogdor the Burninator game.

    2003 1 min 41 sec

  • Old Timey Homestar and Stinkoman prove that all it takes is a little dancing to unite folks separated by Xty decades.

    2003 1 min 55 sec

  • Hot tips lead to alien knee-bashings and jimmies.

    2003 1 min 12 sec

  • A very worthless short explaining why a Strong Bad email was going to be a day or two late.

    2003 39 sec

  • What happens when homestarrunner.com goes down for a couple days?

    2003 1 min 05 sec

  • A very confusing elementary school play tells the story of the first Decemberween.

    2002 4 min 23 sec

  • TGS tries to look SO GOOD!

    2002 52 sec

  • TGS tries to look SO GOOD!

    2002 52 sec

  • The whole town calls Marzipan with Halloween-related issues / prank calls.

    2002 03 min 16 sec

  • Homestar judges the entries in a pumpkin carving contest.

    2002 5 min 32 sec

  • Parsnip soup is the order of the day in this old-timey throwback to when parsnip soup existed.

    2002 2 min 38 sec

  • Commercial for Fluff Puff Marshmallows introduces Marshie to everyone's nightmares.

    2002 50 sec

  • The Cheat makes a video of Strong Bad's #1 summer jam. Come on Fhqwhgads!

    2002 01 min 54 sec

  • Strong Bad interviews Homestar, but really this one is all about the rotatey desk at the beginning.

    2002 2 min 47 sec

  • Strong Bad and those look for The Cheat after he stands them up at the stick. Marzipan thinks a sandwich is cute.

    2002 6 min 18 sec

  • The Cheat learns Flash to make an animated video for his own theme song by The Skate Party.

    2002 01 min 20 sec

  • Marzipan recieves some grave news from Dr. Professional. Peoples call Marzi for Valentine's Day advice.

    2002 03 min 03 sec

  • Homestar tries to figure out the perfect Decemberween gift for Strong Bad.

    2001 4 min 43 sec

  • Strong Bad dresses up as a turkey and sings a song.

    2001 39 sec

  • Give out the the treats as the H*R gang comes a-knockin for some Halloween fun-times.

    2001 10 hrs 33 min

  • Homestar turns telemarketer as Bubs and Coach Z call Marzi after a few too many cold ones/ listerines/ soy sauces.

    2001 04 min 50 sec

  • Strong Bad and the KOT try to prank Marzipan by imitating each other. Strong Sad lies in the dark

    2001 03 min 56 sec

  • Homestar tries to get his lines right as spokesman for Fluffy Puff Mashalades...er Marshamllows.

    2001 2 min 24 sec

  • Strong Bad loses a bet on Mother's Day.

    2001 1 min 29 sec

  • All kinds of stuff I remember happens when Strong Bad and Marzipan plan parties on the same day.

    2001 5 min 36 sec

  • Everybody in town realizes all at once that Marzipan is the only girl and suddenly they're all interested.

    2001 03 min 18 sec

  • It's all hands on deck as Coach Z's midwestern accent begins to spiral out of control.

    2001 4 min

  • Detective Everybody calls Marzipan with some unfortunate news. The KOT continues to be one-note.

    2001 02 min 24 sec

  • The longtime intro to HomestarRunner.com. How many people actually clicked "watch intro" more than once, y'think?

    2001 20 min

  • Strong Bad sings his take on a holiday classic.

    2000 1 min 38 sec

  • In their first Halloween special, the Homestar Runner gang plays some flashlight-ghost-story-telling-with-a-fashlight.

    2000 4 min 55 sec

  • Strong Bad leaves his first prank call on Marzipan's answering machine. Other characters call too!

    2000 03 min 57 sec

  • Homestar Runner theme song video! Never did see that speedskating episode.

    2000 1 min

  • Marzipan has to outsmart cheating Strong Bad in order to win the Reddest Radish contest which is actually more like the Biggest Radish contest. If you ask me.

    2000 2 min 23 sec

  • Homestar, Strong Sad, and Pom Pom quest for a rare bird for Marzipan's birthday present. DVD-ish features and commentary!

    2000 6 min 45 sec

  • Homestar and Pom Pom try to locate the King of Town's lost sheep. DVD-ish bonus features and commentary.

    2000 2 min 02 sec

  • The old-timey Homestar Runner film reels that started it all! He does a different thing at the end each time!

    2000 5 min 30 sec

  • A commerical for Strong Bad's mail-order greatest hits album.

    2000 1 min 42 sec

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