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Teen Girl Squad iMessage Stickers

100 iMessage Stickers to make your text threads look SO GOOD! All the Teen Girls are here along with a buncha their famous quotes, demises, and don't forget 4 Gregs!

Go get em! Only .99 cents! https://apps.apple.com/us/app/teen-girl-squad-stickers/id6446378337

When you're texting on iPhone or iPad, just tap the Teen Girl Squad icon down below the text input box thing. Drag your fave sticker onto a text or image or just send the sticker by its own dang self!

Pinch, stretch, and rotate to resize your stickers! Combine them to make your own Teen Girl Squad comics or put classic TGS quotes on top of pictures of your friends and relatives to make THEIR stomach linings hurt!

PRIVACY POLICY: Harmless Junk, Inc. (Homestar Runner) does not collect, track, or share ANY personal data from users utilizing our Homestar Runner iMessage Stickers.

Has probalos? Just email gamedev at homestar runner dot com!

iMessage Background Images

Wanna make your own Teen Girl Squad comics with your stickers? Grab ya some of these backgrounds, text em to a pal, and start slappin iMessage stickers all o'er em!

Loose Leaf
Wide Ruled Handwriting Paper
Hexagonal Greg!