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Post-Flash Update!

The boys with their new lord and master Sunset PlayButt. Stop trying to click it!

What happened our website? Flash is finally dead-dead-dead so something drastic had to be done so people could still watch their favorite cartoons and sbemails with super-compressed mp3 audio and hidden clicky-clicky easter eggs!

The first thing you'll notice is that the landing page when you go to homestarrunner.com is very different. There are now useful things on here! Not just "watch intro!" (but you can still do that here if you want). But once you click "come on in," you'll find yourself in familiar territory thanks to the Ruffle Project. It emulates Flash in such a way that all browsers and devices can finally play our cartoons and even some games.

Next up are the Toons and Sbemail menus! They look mostly the same, but act like modern webpages! Your favorite easter eggs are still hidden and now you can even choose to watch a YouTube version if there is one.

Keep in mind, Ruffle is still in development so not everything works perfectly. Games made after, say 2007, will probably be pretty janky but Ruffle plans on ulitmately supporting those too one day. And any cartoons with video elements in them (Puppet Jams, death metal) will just show you an empy box where the video should be. But hang in there and one day everything will be just like it was that summer when we got free cable somehow and Grandma still lived in the spare bedroom.